St. Petersburg Chapter Compatriot Charles R. Butler was inducted as the West Central Regional Vice President FLSSAR at a meeting of the Board of Managers, May 20, Embassy Suites in Kissimmee.

The induction ceremony was performed by National Society President General J. Michael Tomme, and was attended by several NSSAR Past Presidents, national officers, and other state Presidents as well as officers of the Florida Society, and numerous FLSSAR chapters throughout the state. A number of DAR members were also in attendance, and were welcomed by President Wess.

The evening was a formal event, with most Compatriots wearing black or white tie, and began with very sincere and gracious comments by outgoing FLSSAR President Raymond Wess, followed by the State Society award ceremony. President Wess received an extended ovation by the entire audience of nearly 175 attendees.

St. Petersburg Chapter Past Presidents John Stewart and Charles Butler received the Meritorious Service Oak Leaf Cluster Award for their primary roles in preparation of the State Society’s first Strategic Plan. John Stewart served as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee, and was assisted by Co-chairs Lee Matson and Ralph Nelson, Jr. They researched and wrote the State Society’s first Strategic Plan in its 125 year history.

Following dinner, the formal confirmation of officer nominees was affirmed by the voting delegates.

Robert Folk was then inducted as FLSSAR State Society President by NSSAR President General J. Michael Tomme. The ceremony was rich in NSSAR tradition, and conveyed deep respect for our heritage, our ancestors, and for those who are honored to serve as FLSSAR officers.

State officers and regional Vice presidents were then formally inducted into office by President Tomme.

New State President Robert Folk appointed Compatriot Butler Chairman of the FLSSAR Strategic Planning Committee.

Compatriot Butler served the St Petersburg Chapter SAR as President for three years, and Chairman of the Board of Governors for one year. He also served as Senior Society President for two years, and Senior Society Vice President for the James McMullen Society Children of the American Revolution.

He will remain on the St. Petersburg Chapter Board of Governors during his term as West Central Regional Vice President, and during his service to the State Society as Strategic Planning Committee Chairman.

“Being a Compatriot of the SAR is a very high privilege. Being able to serve as a State Society Officer is a rare honor. I consider it a tribute of respect to my Revolutionary War ancestors, and to my chapter,” Compatriot Butler said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our State Society.”