Florida SAR Strategic Plan


If you are interested in the future of the Florida SAR you have come to the right place. This page provides one-stop access to what you need to know about the newly adopted Strategic Plan for the Florida Society SAR.

At the direction of Society President Raymond Wess, the plan was prepared by the Ad Hoc FLSSAR Strategic Planning Committee requiring more than six months of research and development.

It sets out a proposed direction for the future of the Florida Society, along with recommendations for organizational enhancements.

The following submissions were provided to the FLSSAR Board of Management during its Annual Meeting in May 2017, and its recommendations will be considered by the Society over the coming year.

The Strategic Planning Committee’s submissions are also available on the FLSSAR website.

Want to learn more? This page contains three easily accessible elements for your review and consideration:

  1. A Short Video Summary of the Strategic Plan
    This short, 17-minute video presented by Charles Butler gives a brief overview of the development and findings of the Strategic Planning Committee and its recommendations. It is in a format playable on all web browsers, just click the play button below.
  2. The Executive Summary
    This brief document contains a written overview of the Strategic Plan and its recommendations. If you are interested in reading a brief overview what the Strategic Plan entails this is the document for you… link below.
  3. The Research Paper
    If you are interested in reading the comprehensive research and analysis supporting the proposed Strategic Plan this is the document to read

Short Video Summary

The following is a brief recorded presentation, narrated by Charles Butler, Chairman of the FLSSAR Strategic Planning Committee. This 15-minute review explains the need for a strategic plan, the Planning Committee’s process of undertaking of developing the plan, and an overview of recommendations.

The Strategic Plan

Developed by
Compatriots John M. Stewart, Charles R. Butler, Lee W. Matson and Ralph D. Nelson, Jr.

The following are the two documents presented to and adopted by the Florida SAR for implementation. The Executive Summary is a brief overview of the work and recommendations of the Strategic Planning Committee, while the Research Paper is a lengthy, in-depth review of our Society’s current standing and future direction.

Executive Summary

Research Paper