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Who Are We?

We are the Sons of the American Revolution, St. Petersburg Chapter. Founded in 1928 we are the third oldest chapter in Florida. It is our mission to inspire the citizens of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County in patriotic service for our country, promote the objectives of SAR, and work to preserve American freedom. We carry this responsibility with great humility, and we want to inspire the citizens of our community to join us in advancing the founding principles of our republic, upholding our pledge, “We, descendants of the heroes of the American Revolution, who by their sacrifices, established the United States of America, reaffirm our faith in the principles of liberty and our Constitutional Republic, and solemnly pledge ourselves to defend them against every foe.” First, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Chapter Leadership

The governance of the St. Petersburg SAR is made up of SAR members who have stepped up to be leaders within our organization. These men have taken it upon themselves to dedicate hours of their time to serving the members of our chapter. The men below make up the officers and board of governors of the St. Petersburg Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution.

Douglas Maddox
Chapter President
Harry Fuller
Vice President
Will Scott
Secretary / Treasurer
Walter Arnold
Robert Birkenstock
Robert Koehler
Brett McMullen
Immediate Past President

Chapter Membership

Maintaining and adding to the membership of any organization is a very important task. For membership in the “Sons of the American Revolution” this task is more difficult as membership requires documentation that the person descends from a patriot who participated in the American Revolution. This documentation must meet strict standards. The St. Petersburg Chapter provides assistance in this documentation at no cost to the applicant. Contact our Registrar, Walter Arnold at warnold.sar@nullgmail.com to help you obtain this documentation.

Chapter Members

We, the St. Petersburg Chapter, are also a growing community of like-minded compatriots all desiring to promote and protect the legacy of freedom, liberty, and justice that we are the direct beneficiaries of from our ancestors who fought, bled, and died during the founding of our nation. But in the words of Thomas Jefferson, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Chapter Members
As chapter members decide to be included as part of our public directory their pictures, names, and short biographies will be included here.

Commeration Services

Our Commemoration Services program, managed by Chaplain David Chestnut, assisted by Charles Butler, is designed to allow eligible individuals to have the services of our SAR chaplain and speakers at special occasions. To inquire about whether you qualify, and what we can provide for your event feel free to contact us via the contact page, email davidmunsonchestnut@nullstpetesar.org or c.butler@nullstpetesar.org.

Patriotic Celebrations

Is your organization sponsoring a patriotic event or other memorable occasion? We may be available for your next event.Feel free to inquire for more information.


Are you or a loved one getting married and have patriotic ancestry you wish to honor on your special day? We are available to officiate services for qualified couples. Feel free to inquire for more information.


Are you hosting a baptism for someone with a patriotic ancestry, allow us to partake in the dedication and honor their ancestry. Inquire for details.


Are you honoring the passing of a loved one who had ties to an American patriot or U.S. veteran? Contact us for a speaker to your day of remembrance and honor even more meaningful. Please inquire and we will provide details about qualification and our availability.


Our Chapter holds meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month between September and May, beginning at 11 AM. We currently meet at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in Downtown St. Petersburg.

During our meetings, we host historic lecturers, brainstorm ideas, network, further chapter initiatives, and emphasize compatriot-driven interaction.
Brainstorm, networking, sharing ideas, and open discussions are a cornerstone of our meetings. We also provide meaningful assignments and work opportunities for all our compatriots because, without them, we would be nothing.–>

We welcome all guests, as well as, local and out-of-state SAR, DAR, & C.A.R. members. Join us for our next upcoming meeting! See our schedule below, but please RSVP with our secretary / treasurer before the event, wscott.stpetesar@nullaol.com.

Upcoming Events

Below is a short list of our nearest upcoming events. As we get closer to the actual event the event pages linked below may be expanded with more information.

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Our Activities

With an introduction to who we are, where we are located, and when we meet the main thing missing is what we actually do, which is quite a lot. We are involved in a myriad of different activities and initiatives within the local community and we would like to share some of them with you now!

Our Activities