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What is SAR?

Understanding Our Society’s Purpose

The SAR is an international lineage society dedicated to the perpetuation of our American freedom and liberty. 

We accomplish this on a national, state, and local level through promoting patriotism and engaging with local communities.

On a national level, SAR has been a principal driver behind several national initiatives. Through the lobbying efforts of the SAR the U.S. Congress initiated the creation of the National Archive and later SAR helped to establish Constitution Day as a national holiday, just to name two instances.

On a local level, the SAR has local chapters in all 50 states where members meet on a regular basis to work together to promote change within their local community and band together as like-minded comrades in the fight to keep our American principles of freedom and liberty alive.

Interested in membership? While full SAR membership has a requirement of tracing your lineage to an ancestor who contributed to the fight for freedom, that is simply the beginning, not the end. As a member of SAR, we want to empower you with the tools, resources, network, and fellow compatriots necessary to effect change within your community, state, and country. For those who cannot trace their lineage to a patriot, we have opportunities for you to affect change as well. Please continue reading.

Our True Colors

about the business of promoting liberty

The SAR is dedicated to the perpetuation of patriotism and the institutions of American liberty our founding fathers bought for us with their blood, sweat, and tears.

The SAR is about the business of perpetuating the institutes of American freedom and liberty through both the remembrance of our revolutionary ancestors and creating change within society that will further our American principles.

The SAR is resolved to helping America become all it can become.

Did you know SAR sponsors several nationwide outreaches?

A God Fearing Organization

the undercurrent of our society

Furthermore, the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is a society under the obedience of God. Our society seal contains a four pointed cross, which was specifically chosen to resemble the cross of Jesus Christ. The SAR directly declared this to be true when discussing our society’s seal:

Unlike the five-armed Legion of Honour cross, the SAR cross resolutely retains the four arms of the cross of Christ…to declare that the excesses of deism and atheism of the French Revolution are to be eschewed by an American patriotic society; America is a nation under God.” National SAR

A remarkable declaration that has been all but lost, though our modern national society has also embraced this declaration. But some will ask, “Is this really what SAR’s founders intended?” And the answer is, YES. Our organization was founded to uphold ten objectives the final being a requirement to uphold the injunctions of Washington’s Farewell Address. His seventh injunction is as follows:

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports” and absolutely necessary for the perpetuation of a free government. –George Washington

We hope to instill this truth in all those we influence and establish it as the undercurrent for all our efforts.

Of course, the question remains, “Why is this important and why should we care?” Because, our nation’s founding fathers, for the most part, were God-fearing men who understood the importance of founding a nation upon Judeo-Christian principles. Let us be clear, however, this is not to say that we believe everyone in American should be a Christian or be forced to be a Christian, but we believe that America is a nation under God, meaning the Bible is the foundation and justification for our legal system and those who live in our country must adhere to the laws established in the Bible. Our founding fathers believed that the government legal system established in the Bible is by far the best model for a successful, just, and free nation, which can easily be proven by the writing of our founding fathers. Consequently, since it is our purpose as a society to further American freedom and uphold the objectives of our society, we must, in turn, further and uphold the foundation of that freedom, which is the Word of God.

We Need Your Help

our success is dependent upon people like you

If you are someone who loves your nation and wishes to pass it on to your children better than you received it from your parents we would like a few minutes of your time to share with you about our chapter, our purpose, and our vision for the future.

The SAR is a prolific and passionate organization on a national, state, and local level and we would like to introduce you to our chapter, our governance, and the compatriots that make up our organization.

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