Past Presidents


Past Presidents


The following is a list of all the past Presidents of the St. Petersburg SAR. This page is a remembrance to them and to their work growing and expanding the reach of our chapter in the community.

2021-present Brig Gen Brett James McMullen, USAF (RET)
2020-2021 Robert H. Brotherton

2017-2020 Robert Rogers
2016-2017 Alan R. Craig
2013-2016 Charles R. Butler
2009-2013 John M. Stewart
2007-2009 William M. Scott
2006-2007 John M. Stewart / William M. Scott
2004-2006 William M. Scott
2001-2004 Manning D. Miller
1999-2001 Chave S. Aspinall
1998-1999 Jay Ron Wilson
1997-1998 C. Christopher Comstock
1996-1997 Col. Chester M. Willingham, Jr.
1994-1996 Dr. Duke Nordlinger Stern
1993-1994 Lt. Donald F. Potter
1992-1993 Col. Chester M. Willingham, Jr.
1991-1992 Sanford Otis
1990-1991 John E. Thompson
1989-1990 Robert A. Harper
1988-1989 LCdr. Lonnie M. Barrows
1987-1988 Capt. Roy C. Voils
1986-1987 D. Kennard Emmons
1985-1986 LCdr. Robert D. Malone
1984-1985 Col. Henry H. Harper
1983-1984 Cdr. Newton A. Wilson
1982-1983 Glenn A. Arter
1981-1982 John M. Bowler
1980-1981 Samuel S. Gilbert, Jr.
1979-1980 Herbert S. Comstock, Jr.
1978-1979 Dr. Charles R. Freeble, Jr.
1977-1978 Capt. Paul Cory
1976-1977 Maj. George W. Dullan
1975-1976 Thomas B. Gotham
1972-1975 Cdr. George E. Morris, Jr.
1970-1972 Richard H. Thompson, Jr.
1968-1970 Daniel S. Ellis
1966-1968 Marshall E. Barton, Sr.
1965-1966 Rev. Randolph F. Blackford
1964-1965 LtC. Truman G. Palmer
1963-1964 Theron E. Mikell
1962-1963 Robert T. Porter
1961-1962 Judge Thomas J. Collins
1960-1961 Col. Robert R. Hare
1959-1960 William B. Tippetts
1958-1959 Thomas T. Dunn
1957-1958 Robert T. Porter / Col. Daniel I. Britten
1956-1957 Ethan Allen
1955-1956 Horace Bittenbender
1953-1955 Sanford Liddle
1951-1953 Hal Freoff
1950-1951 Dennis E. Corn
1949-1950 Russell N. Cantwell